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Wave Jam 156
  • Wave Jam 156

    Wave Jam is designed to give you an exhilarating experience blasting through the water.  Amazing for discovering the coastline, cruising from the beach or from the back of a boat to explore untouched islands.  With Wave Jam you will catch every wave, and have that feeling of surfing everywhere you go.


    Prices excluding taxes


      Wave Jam 156 is our large battery pack model, giving you the longest possible time on the water, before needing to recharge.  This means bigger and better adventures and huge distances possible.


      Comes with a 4A standard charger.  Add a super fast charger from accessories to upgrade your charging time.


      All our Jet boards come with a 12 month warranty covering the technology: motor, battery and electronics.


      We ship worldwide.  Please contact us for a shipping quote to your destination of choice.

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