a new way to explore on water...

blasting you across lakes, rivers or through the surf our electric jet boards will allow you to explore further on water than ever before.   An exhilarating experience of water rushing over your body for adventurers and rescue.

Did you see us with that thing we did with?...
Some nice words big cheeses said about us...

“I have had my share of close shaves, and have been rescued from sinking boats and balloons many times, even had to swim for shore once clinging to a plank of wood. I think the Asap watercraft is a fantastic invention and will be a wonderful success...anything that can help lifeguards reach drowning casualties faster must be a good thing.”

Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Group Chairman


“He’s covered a lot of ground in a short period of time - the guy can really make things happen!”

Richard Reed

Co founder

Innocent Smoothies


“It is great to be involved with young entrepreneurs like Ross, who have already proved that they have the enthusiasm and genuine business acumen to develop their unique ideas into a viable business.”

David Oldfield

CEO Commercial banking

Lloyds Bank