About Ross

I am a product designer and entrepreneur - an inventor. I have always liked making things and have been fascinated with innovation.  This started with making a Thunderbirds Tracy Island in my garage in St.Albans, where I grew up, and has progressed to a motorised lifeguard watercraft.

Everything has been designed by someone, and a lot of products filling our lives can be improved upon, to make things a bit better.  I realised from an early age, whilst making a wine cabinet in my school workshops, to question everything and never accept that things have to look a certain way - "cos that's what wine cabinets look like".  This resulted in a peculiar triangular wine cabinet - however a seed was planted. Question everything, accept nothing - do things better.

The triangular wine cabinet also lead me to discover that I could get a degree from thinking this way, and maybe even get a job making better things.  I graduated with first class honours in Industrial Product Design from Loughborough University and started working at Vax - designing better vacuum cleaners.  Loughborough University also kindly offered to back my watercraft, which I designed whilst training as a lifeguard at the Uni. They helped me turn it from an idea into a business, so I kept working on this in the evenings and weekends.

I then went on to receive investment from Innocent Smoothies founder Richard Reed as part of the BBC3 TV show Be Your Own Boss - an opportunity to do something really big  and ultimately help save lives with my design!  The intensive six weeks of development during the show created a lot of interest in the product.  I have now been talking further with potential investors, as well as organising Richard Branson's incredible offer to fly the prototype out to Bondi Beach - an amazing once in a lifetime meeting with the Virgin Boss during the show.

Be Your Own Boss was a life changing experience.  Since the show I have busy tweaking the design from the water testing.  I have also had a little more time to spend with my very understanding, long suffering girlfriend Judi - and have even got round to tidying the garage!