Production update

A good old catch up

We thought it was about time we gave you a good old proper update, as it is a really exciting time at the moment.  Sometimes we worked (and played) too hard and forgot to look up and tell you the exciting news.  After many many months of testing and prototypes, in May we finished our production designs and we are now busy setting up production of our first products.


Why has product development taken so long?

Our water crafts have been tough products to design.  They are used in some of the harshest environments – sandy beaches and salt water.  As we all know sand seems to get everywhere! 

As well as of course everything needs to be strong enough to crash into waves,  but light enough to throw in the back of a car.  Not an easy task, I’m sure you’ll agree.  However, we love hard stuff – and we love doing hard things really well.  We have completely redesigned our water crafts a few times over from the prototype you see on our website.

But by doing this it meant we could add a few things we wanted to do with the previous designs.  Below are a few of our favourite bits...

We have been working with one of the worlds best lithium ion brands, who are (rumoured) to work with Tesla on their electric car batteries.  We went all out and increased the size of our battery to give a run time of over an hour, as well as loads more power.   However we were worried, because this added more weight.  So we put the product on a diet and reduced weight in other places, using high grade lightweight materials – saving kilograms off the product weight.


This is heart of our product and we wanted more speed.  So we have been working with famous (well in the marine world) propulsion designers to help us get even more speed and power.  I want to run a few more tests before confirming this top speed, but at the moment it’s looking incredible.


We are now busy setting up our first production run and can't wait to show you our water crafts.  If you want to get your hands on one of the first models you can reserve yours now here 

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