New photos

After a surprise meeting with Richard Branson as part of the BBC show Be Your Own Boss, I almost bit his hand off at the chance to test our motorised one-person rescue water craft in Australia. 

With  the rescue craft in the back of a camper van, I have spent the last five weeks driving over 5000km up and down the east coast.  Travelling from beach to beach I wanted to find out, for myself, if my rescue product would cut it with some of the world’s best lifeguards.

The feedback from everyone was fantastic, there were loads of useful suggestions to improve the design.  So we are now busy tweaking the product before we manufacture the first products.

We have just added tons of new photos to the product gallery from my Aussy adventures and we are digging through lots of video footage to edit it down to a watchable length!

Thanks to everybody I met for their time and feedback on the product - your suggestions will shape the product to be a fantastic rescue craft.

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