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Your deposit will go into a holding account until your water craft is ready, when it will then be applied to the total cost of the water craft. However if you change your mind at any time, we guarantee a full refund, minus a 10% processing fee.  We will ask you for the final payment via email just before we ship your water craft.
Colours for production models may vary from images and will be confirmed on order.

All our water crafts are hand built to order so please do get in touch for the our current delivery times.

Rescue Hero Life-Saving Craft

Rescue Craft £3990 ex VAT
£4788 inc VAT

A powerful rescue aid to punch through the surf or skim across water quickly to reach and keep somebody buoyant. This craft comes with a removable U-shape float which provides extra buoyancy.

Reserve today with a deposit of £1500

Wave Jam Leisure Craft

Leisure Craft £3790 ex VAT
£4548 inc VAT

Experience the water rushing around your body as you fly across lakes or through the surf, with this ultimate personal water craft. Then when it's time to go home tuck it under your arm, or it's small enough to fit in your car.

Reserve today with a deposit of £1500